Monday, March 11, 2013

Every Marriage Needs a Prague

Four days and five sleeps in the romantic city of Prague!
What a blessing for Dan and I to enjoy this beautiful City of Spires.

We laughed!

We hiked!

We climbed to the top of towers
(although we were urged to please take the elevator, we did not)
 and we made it to the top!

We ate in the Square!

We enjoyed cafes and daffodils!

We didn't talk about work or problems.
We just had fun.
We enjoyed one-man bands.

Bands on the square
And the Prague Symphony Orchestra!
(No cameras allowed)
And we enjoyed delightful European hospitality.
Why can't American hotels heat their towels and toilet paper?

We went away and forgot about the world.
Concentrating only on each other and our love!
We laughed and played and had fun for four days.
Here's what we didn't do:
We didn't talk about work or problems or children or pets.
We didn't read a newspaper.
We didn't watch television.
We didn't argue or worry about tomorrow.
We didn't ask another couple to join us.
Wouldn't you agree that your marriage needs Prague?
You may not fly to Europe this week,
 but you can plan a picnic or a walk in the park —
just the two of you.
Lavish praise on your lover and thanks to our God and enjoy romance.
It's all right.
 Marriage is a gift from God.
You don't have to spend money to enjoy an evening of fun with your lover.
Be creative!
Surprise your honey with an adventure!
For, afterall,
every marriagae needs a Prague!
I'd love to hear the best date you had with your honey. Why not do it again!

Pour some splashes of serenity on your marriage today!



  1. Elaine,

    You are right, we all need a Prague get away. I think the most fun Ed and I had was an escape to Canada and to Canada's Wonderland. We are big kids at heart. But then sometimes, it is fun to just get groceries together. I have always been a cheap date, lol. If he can make me laugh, then it is a good night, regardless of where we are. Thanks for sharing your date days with us. :)

    Lisa M Buske

  2. Lisa, our best dates happen in the kitchen cooking a meal together. Yes, it is the simple everyday fun that makes marriage magic.

    Keep loving your man!


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