Sunday, December 2, 2012

In Need of Urgent Care? We Have a Provider!

Well, I wasn't too sick to take this photo when seeking Urgent Care last Thursday. Shocked that Urgent Care would be closed due to lack of a provider, I thought it was a sign of things to come.

But then I remembered, my personal Urgent Care is never closed. My Provider is always there.

Thankful this Christmas for My Provider, Jesus Christ, Who came to  earth as a baby to die for my sins to PROVIDE eternal life for me (and you) in Heaven and abundant life for me (and you) here on earth.

Don't be discouraged. We will never lack our Provider!

Thanks for all who are praying for me. Blessed that my doctor took one look at me and escorted me to her office. I have bronchitis. Nasty. But, I've had days of bed rest where I layed in my Provider's arms, sung to sleep by beautiful Christmas music.  My spirit is blessed as my Provider heals my body.

Illness puts us at the feet of our Provider. Honestly, we all need His Urgent Care every day.

A Splash of Serenity came to me taped on the Urgent Care door. Look for a splash in your life today.


  1. Elaine,

    Thank you for the reminder to run to God when we are sick FIRST and then the doctors He has provided. How can we witness of His healing if we don't seize the moments He places before us?

    Praying you are at the top of your game, returned to 110% for the week God has before you.

    Hugs, love, and prayers my dear friend!

    Lisa M Buske

  2. Praise God that He is the Great Physician, and that we don't have to make an appointment or come during office hours to receive His healing & comfort!
    Thanks for the great post & God bless!

  3. Laurie and Lisa, thank you for your love and care and encouragement. I feel much better now and God continues to heal. Beautiful Christmases wished to you both!


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