Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Take a Rest from Life to Enjoy the Best of Life

It's those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer and two weeks away was just what I needed to be lazy, and clear my mind of the hazy and the crazy.

A friend (Deanna Towns) told me it was important that we care for the temple (our spiritual, mental, and physical bodies) with as much care as God gave to the care of His Temple. She exhorted me to exercise often, eat healthy, sleep deeply, laugh a lot, and use my senses to enjoy God's creation. Feel the breeze across my face and my toes sunk in soft grass, smell the candles and flowers, and taste the food.

I sometimes feel guilty if I stop to play. There is always more to do for the Kingdom. But Deanna assured me that God does not need me to accomplish His purposes. He can do it all without me.

God blessed my two weeks away. I returned home exhausted with joy and determined to take continuous care of my temple knowing God will care for His.

Enjoying many splashes of serenity in Speculator, NY:

Vacation isn't complete without grandboys and frogs.

Could there be a better way to start and end a day?

My silly little  butterflies.

Fish are jumpin'

Sam, Sam the fly-tying man!

Winner of the cute suit contest!

Breakfast in a toy store with my girls. What a treat! Jamaica me crazy!!!

Taking a rest from life to enjoy the best of life.

Hope you do the same this summer!



  1. Elaine,

    Thank you for sharing your vacation with us. You sure did have fun. I love to follow your blog

    Lisa M Buske
    Http ://lisabuske.weebly.com

  2. Elaine, thank you for your post on resting and having fun and also spiritually getting refreshed. I personally needed this reminder. I tend to feel guilty when I am having fun.

    I also love the pictures of your grandchildren and daughters. It looks like you were in great company to have a fun time.


  3. Bonnie, we share that guilt. We should be busy with the work of the Lord, but even Jesus needed times of refreshing. And I am certainly not Jesus.

    Guilt free and loving it! Blessings to you, Bonnie,


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