Monday, March 19, 2012

Why Writers Write?

Why do writers write? Good question. Certainly not for the money.  "There are easier ways to earn less than minimum wage," says my writer friend Kathi Macias.

So, we write because:

Writing soothes. When I get grumpy, my daughter teases me with, "Mom, would you please go write something!" She knows writing words on paper calms a spirit gone wild. Did you ever have to write 100 times, "I'll be a good girl today." I did.

Writing influences. Words have power to change someone's mind, to alter a wrong decision, to lead someone to God. In a world  filled with evil and sadness and pain, how can I keep silent about the Hope that heals hurts? Check your child's treasure box. If you ever wrote a letter telling them of your dreams for them, I bet it was a keeper.

Writing informs. Future generations will read what we write. I want to make sure my stories of God's power and faithfulness aren't buried with me. I once possessed my grandmother's journal telling of her faith in God. Her lips are silent, but her pen still speaks.

Writing obeys God.  In Psalm 102:18 God says to write this down, so that a people not yet born will praise the Lord.

Writing improves the world. How? By telling the next generation of God's love for them.

Psalm 71:17-18 encourages me to write:  "O God, you have taught me from my earliest childhood, and I constantly tell others about the wonderful things you do....Let me proclaim your power to this new generation, your mighty miracles to all who come after me."

I write for God. I write for me. I hope I write for you. I know I write for them:

Perhaps you will consider writing too. Who does God want you to tell of the wonderful things He does? Please tell them, write them, show them. Future generations and a hurting world need to hear.

Will your words be the splash of serenity that changes the life of someone you love or the stranger you've never met? I hope so.



  1. she came, she wrote, she conquered...her fears

  2. I might add that writing can be in a letter or a journal. We don't have to write a book to impact a life. Happy writing friends!

  3. Elaine,

    A grandmother's journals are a priceless gift aren't they? My Gram's and my Great-grandmother's journals are both full of their faith, my family, and history. I love to read through them. Both sets have been donated to the historical society yet we can check them out whenever we like. I borrowed my grandmother's as I worked on the last set of revisions to help me remember and take me back to the day and weeks following my sister's kidnapping.

    Words have power...thank you for using yours to inspire, motivate, and remind us all.

    Lisa M. Buske

  4. What a wonderful way to share why we write:) Not the usual because we have to but you have enriched the reasons!


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