Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Wedding Began in a Church—My Marriage Began in the Bathtub

I love my bath, which is why I wrote bath books.

My first book Splashes of Serenity (S.O.S.): Bathtime Reflections for Drained Moms was fun and impacting lives. My fingers soon began hitting the keyboard with words for a second book.

Why not write a book about marriage? Afterall, I did have a tale to tell and it even involved a bathtub. Splashes of Serenity (S.O.S.): Bathtime Reflections for Drained Wives was published a year later.

Another beautiful hard cover gift book, with the first reflection titled, "My Wedding Began in a Church—My Marriage Began in a Bathtub."

Honestly, my purpose for the Drained Wives book which I titled Bedtime Meditations for Husbands and Wives was a book for couples to read together at bedtime. Each of the 30 reflections can be read in five minutes. A husband and wife will laugh and cry and pray together before laying their heads for sweet sleep or whatever else the reflection prompts them to do. 

Again, the publisher changed my title and Splashes of Serenity (S.O.S.): Bathtime Reflections for Drained Wives was born. This book has changed marriages. I'm tickled each time I hear from a husband who laughs and says, "I'm really enjoying your book for drained wives."

Thanking God for my writing journey, and for the splashes of serenity He gives to my marriage which happened to begin in a bathtub.

Where did your marriage begin? Want to share?



  1. I believe my marriage started in my head when I was a young thirteen years old. Now that my daughter is thirteen I understand why my parents were so concerned. LOL I told Ed and my friends it was Mr. Ed Buske I planned to marry with our 2.3 children in a yellow house with a white picket fence. We would be happy and grow old together doing everything with my sister and her husband.

    Thankfully, when I was twenty-one Ed and I were married after going our seperate ways for my "growing up" years. We have one daughter, a light brown house, and no fence BUT we have love and laughter.

    As for the double dates and every outing with my sister...that didn't happen. I miss her yet God provided me with a mulititude of sisters-in-Christ to double date with, have coffee with, and do have playdates with our kids. No one can take my sister's place but God knew the wonderful woman who could stand in her place. (Wink, wink)

    My marriage began in the mind and lives in the moment...
    Lisa M Buske

  2. Wow! I dreamed of a yellow house and a white picket fence too! One of our houses was yellow and sat on a corner. I named it SONny Corners. No white picket fence.

    Loved your comment, "My marriage began in my mind and lives in the moment." You are a true writer.

    Love you,


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