Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Blessings of Writing and Leaving a Legacy

I hit the "send" button. My book, We All Married Idiots: Three Things You'll Never Change About Your Marriage and Ten Things You Can, is in the hands of dear Anna, who is incorporating 30 pages of edits into the manuscript and making it all into a book we hope will impact lives.

Today, I rest and recover and reflect, thankful for all who prayed and encouraged and sacrificed. Was it worth it? Oh, yes! This letter from my 7-year old granddaughter tells it all.

Gracie writes,


... You mean alot to me! I would give you 3 wishes if I could. Thank you for teaching me how to write a book, now I can pass it down to my kids when I grow up!


Gracie & family"

Reminds me of why we sacrifice hours and days and years to write. This is why: "Let this be written for a future generation, that a people not yet created may praise the Lord." Psalm 102:18

Has God placed a book in your heart? Write it down so future generations can praise the Lord. Be that Splash of Serenity in their lives.

Thanking God for words and books and friends and granddaughters who will create future generations to praise the Lord!



  1. That is so sweet! God bleess her! Congratulations on the book! I needed to read that scripture. After having a few weeks of 'writer's block', I needed the encouragement! Can't wait to read your new book when it is released!

  2. I appreciate your comment recently that you go over your books 15 -18 times before sending them to the publisher. That will be a great guideline for me after I get my e-book ready, or think it's ready !

  3. Elaine,

    Simply beautiful! Gracie has a heart for the Lord already. I'm sure it has something to do with the Godly women in her life. I'll pray as the Lord places her on my heart for the book He has placed on her heart at such a young age, the one she doesn't even realize is being written in her brain. I love it.

    Your words are an encouragement and I thank God often for our first meeting at Delta Lake when I shared my book with you. The whirlwind of joy and anticipation to share Jesus' impact on my life has been an ongoing and growing blessing. Thank you!

    Lisa M Buske


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