Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day! Poem by my Granddaughter, Gracie

A writer reads books and observes life and writes about it. My Granddaughter, Gracie, seven years old, wrote this Thanksgiving poem on Thanksgiving Eve:

Thanksgiving Day!

It is Thanksgiving Day.
Grandma and Mommy bake the corn casserole for our fine feast.
My Aunt gave the good turkey who was on a farm.
And now the turkey is as bald as can be.
My mom eyes the boxes as she looks for yummy treats
For this fine Thanksgiving Day!!!

by Gracie Price ~ seven years old.

My grandchildren are all here! I'm surrounded with splashes of joy and wonder on this fine Thanksgiving Day!

Be blessed,



  1. Miss Gracie,

    Your poem is beautiful and accurate. I can hear the laughter encompassing your Grandma's home this Thanksgiving season. Thank you for letting Grandma share your writing talents with us. You've brought a smile to my face, a trait you must get from your wonderful Grandma.

    Mrs. Buske

    And to Elaine - Happy Thanksgiving my dear friend!

    Lisa :)

  2. Mrs. Buske,

    Thank you for writing to me.



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