Friday, August 5, 2011

God Never Says "Oops!"

AT his birth we didn't know if Garrett would survive. Today he is ten! Born with facial and other deformities that doctors didn't understand and could not fix, Garrett's birth has been an adventure we would not have missed. Why? Because Garrett is a treasure that touched our world.

This big 10 year old has taught me more about Jesus, than any other human.
The love in his heart exceeds any other heart I have ever known.
Thank You, God, for this extraordinary gift named Garrett.

I wrote about the day of his birth in, Splashes of Serenity: Bathtime Reflections for Drained Moms.

"What was God doing the day He knit Garrett in his mother's womb? Was He so busy solving other problems that he missed a few stitches? How easy for God to correct such a simple mistake. Perhaps God was preoccupied putting extra stitches in Garrett's beautiful heart....

My grandson was born with a cleft lip and palate. (Later, we learned of other medical concerns.) Everyone was surprised. The ultrasound did not show it; the doctors and nurses even missed it at Garrett's delivery. His mother was the first to notice as she attempted to nurse her son. Her hungry boy could not suck. As she gazed at her precious child, she was assured that God knit him perfectly in her womb. God did not say, 'Oops! I missed a stitch.'"

You can see the peace in Elizabeth's and Joe's faces as they hold their new-born gift. How? Why? Because they knew without a doubt that God was not surprised. God knit Garrett perfectly the way God wanted Garrett knit. He didn't say, "Oops! I missed a stitch."

Today, I thank God for Garrett's life. And I wonder how many Garrett's have been aborted? How many Garrett's are gone because someone thought God made a mistake. No, God never says "Oops!"

May the truth that God never says "Oops!" be a splash of serenity to you today.



  1. Elaine I know exactly what they went through because my daughter too was born was a cleft palate. Unfortunatly it wasn't discovered and corrected until she was nine months old...which as you can imagine would make for one very hungry child who physically could not take in the nourishment she so desperately needed. And yes...we have other medical concerns as well to deal with. 14 different specialist have graced our lives and cared for my daughter, who by the way, lives a very happy and content life.

    Give your grandson a big hug and appreciate him always!!!

  2. Amy, my heart goes out to you. I didn't know you had been through a similar experience. May God encourage you each day as your daughter grows. Hugs to all the thankful moms out there.

  3. Elaine, I loved this post. Having my own "special" child makes me thankful that God knows exactly what He is doing. You are indeed blessed!

  4. Elaine,

    I rejoice and celebrate Garrett with you! I enjoy your stories about he and your other grandchildren. Each one is special and precious - Garrett is simply a daily reminder of God's love, provision and purposefulness in His creations. :)

    Happy Birthday Garrett! And special hugs and prayers Elizabeth and Joe - they have been given a special gift. Thank you for cherishing him.

    Lisa :)


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