Monday, May 3, 2010

For Those Who Hurt on Mother's Day

On Mother's Day, not everyone is celebrating. Some are remembering children who send them flowers from Heaven. I've had the awesome privilege of sitting with mothers as their babies died. It's a sacred place where the presence of God is so evident--I felt I might touch Him. The loving arms of Jesus surround these dear parents as they let go and place their precious one back into the arms of The Precious One. In the most awful of life's imaginings, Peace that defies human understanding and could only come from God is experienced.

Why do babies die? Why do some live to be 94? I do not know. I do know we need not fear, because God ministers comfort we cannot understand.

This past winter, Reverend W. Emerson Ackerman went to live with Jesus. He was 94. He joins a baby named Beverly Maxine, gone to Heaven many years ago when she was two days old. Reverend Ackerman sat with Dr. and Mrs. David Reese as their beautiful blessing named Beverly returned to her Creator. He wrote a poem for Beverly's funeral. It touched my heart and I hope it will touch yours.

"We like to feel those infant cheeks,
Tho' ne'er to be by earthly mother caressed.
Yet, better still...
E'en now are nestled 'gainst our Savior's breast.

The tiny hands,
Tho' destined not for use in time's employ,
Yet, better still...
Do clap at each sinner's repentance with joy.

That unspoken voice,
Tho' not in earth's hue and cry to raise,
Yet, better still...
Will learn in Heaven our Lord's blest Name to praise.

We like to feel--yet because it's real
And our beloved Lord has willed it--to say,
'Tis not better...
It's best!'"

--Reverend W. Emerson Ackerman

I pray today for women who hurt: For those whose heart's desire for a child lies hollow in a barren womb, may Jesus fill your life with love and joy and contentment. For those suffering from their decision to abort an unborn, may you know that Jesus will forgive you and make you whole again. For moms whose children are estranged from them, may Jesus restore your relationship. For moms whose children walk in the ways of darkness, may Jesus grab hold of these children and place them on a straight path. For mothers who know the sting of the death of a child, may Jesus fill your empty heart with His comfort and peace.

Thank You for our children, Lord. I know they really belong to You, and You can take them back at any moment. May we not live in fear of that truth, but in trust. You assure us that if the worst happens, Your loving arms will carry us through difficult days. Everything under Heaven belongs to you. There couldn't be a better parent and that brings me peace.

May Jesus fill your days with His Serenity,


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