Monday, March 15, 2010

A Passion for Christ

The passion of Christians who loved God a generation or two ago challenges me. A.B. Simpson, A.W. Tozer, R.A. Torrey, Hannah Whitall Smith, Amy Carmichael, and Elizabeth Prentiss are a few of my favorites authors. They had a commitment and a depth that I lack and I want.

I've heard the old-time Camp stories of the Holy Spirit moving and people placing their jewelry, wedding, and engagement rings in the offering plate. Where did those days go? Why are my rings still on my fingers? Does the Holy Spirit speak to hearts today as He did 100 years ago? Absolutely!

Soon jewelry will be missing from the hands of Mary Jo Kowalewski and Lesley Paparone. They traveled to Bosnia; saw the empty eyes, the hopeless faces, and the need to tell the lost sheep in Sarajevo that there is a Shepherd who loves them. Selling their engagement rings and giving the money to fund a Community Center in Sarajevo was their response. They talk of having their husband's names engraved on their wedding ring fingers. Yes, God is at work in my generation. You can read about it at

Hearing this story brought Amy Carmichael to my mind. She wrote, "God never wore a chain of gold. He wore a crown of thorns. His hands and feet were not jeweled, but pierced." Yes, God's hands are pierced not just with nails, but with a tattoo. He said, "I will not forget you! See I have engraved you on the palms of my hands;" Isaiah 49:16

I pray that Lesley and Mary Jo will gaze at their tattooed fingers and be blessed by the One Who has them engraved in the palms of His Hands.

As a Christ follower, I need to be alert to the Holy Spirit's leading. Jesus has not yet directed me to sell my engagement ring, but He does desire I be sold out for Him. This Lenten Season I ask myself, "Do I love Jesus? Do I truly love Him? Would I give to Him anything He asks of me?" I pray my actions and words say, "I do, Jesus, You are engraved in my heart."

Splashes of Serenity that comes from a heart surrendered to Jesus is wished for you,



  1. Thanks for the reminder, Elaine. I desire to surrender totally to the Lord's will for my life.

  2. Amen! He asks for our children as well as our possessions, doesn't He. So hard, but so right.

  3. Wow. Oh my. This humbles me, Elaine.

    Last evening as I grieved over a situation in one of my children's lives, He spoke to my heart, "You need to relinquish this dear one to Me, Jeanette."

    I know He loves them more than I ever could.

    Thank you.

  4. Absolutely! If God tells me to give, I try to do it quickly and not question everything. :O)


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