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LinkedIn listed Elaine W. Miller in the top one percent most endorsed in the United States for Public Speaking out of 200 million members. 

What people are saying about Elaine's speaking...

I first heard Elaine Miller at the Montrose Bible Conference in Montrose, PA where she was the speaker for a 3 day scrap booking weekend. It was a mixed group of Christians and non-believers, but we all could relate to her illustrations. She had us laughing and crying in every talk she gave. At retreats of this nature, sometimes it is difficult to pull the ladies away from their projects, but with Elaine, we were asking how long until the next talk.

Not only was Elaine Miller entertaining, her talk-times were so practical. Her strengths are her ability to captivate an audience when she tells a story, her use of original illustrations from real life, her subtle mix of humor and emotion, her gentle and vulnerable way of sharing the truth she has learned from scripture.

I so appreciated Elaines down-to-earth, approachable personality. She was genuinely interested in the lives of the ladies attending and was easy to talk with one-on-one. Because many of the stories she told came from her own life, it was easy to connect with her. Feeling that we knew her so well, it was easy to open up to this total stranger and share our lives.
Elaine Miller is a humble and gifted speaker, but more important, she is a woman who loves her Lord! Because of her desire to see others know and love her Savior, she is motivated to do the research to know and connect with her audience. For never having scrap-booked, I was amazed how she weaved in the techniques and lingo of a scrap-booker into each talk.

Her ability to connect with her audience so quickly, gave a sense of unity and continuity to our weekend! I would recommend Elaine to any church or conference looking for a speaker. She is simply delightful!! Deborah Kessler, Hallstead, PA   

Excellent speaker! Emphasis was on Christ all the way - her personal stories were so inspirational!! She has lived what she spoke about! Elaine J., NY
What a passionate, genuine Christian. I really appreciated her testimony and all of her amazing stories about how God has worked and is still working in her life. She was a true blessing to us this weekend. Nicole Z., NY

Delightfulinteresting - a breath of fresh air - wonderful message. Sheila E., NY
Fabulous! I truly love her as a sister in Christ. She is so positive, sweet, and humble. I learned so much this weekend. This is my fourth retreat and Elaine is my favorite speaker so far. Her sense of humor and honesty is so heartwarming. Jennifer G., NY

I loved her talks and was touched by her mothers/grandmothers and wifes heart. There is a part of me that has changed and will never be the same. Andrea B., NY

Incredible! I could listen to her on a regular basis and would delight in the opportunity to hear her again. Her wisdom and knowledge is admirable, as well as her obvious obedience to Gods plan. What an awesome woman!!!!

Based on scripture, Elaine gave examples and insight into the practical application of Gods word. Each person was challenged to meet with God regardless of where they might be in their Christian walk. There was a step by step approach in applying Gods Word to their particular struggle, growth, or situation. I praise God for His work through Elaine and the response to the altar call. Joyce H., NY

"Your honesty, vulnerability, humor and wisdom have been a help to me."
"We can't thank you enough for your willingness to lead us this weekend. You are so 'down to earth' with a heavenly perspective. I know it was because of your vulnerability that our women opened up so much Saturday evening. You, through Christ, have taken us to another level! We love you."

"It was wonderful having you at our retreat and even more wonderful getting to know you. Your testimony was a HUGE, BEAUTIFUL BLESSING to me. Your words rang true within me and I am so glad you shared. That was the highlight of the event for me. Thank you, many times thank you. Thank you for loving Jesus. He is at home in your heart and I could hear Him speaking clearly through you. I hope you took home as many blessings as you gave to me alone! Thank you Heavenly Father for my new friend and sister, Elaine."
"I just want you to know that you have really touched my life and brought a new depth to my relationship with the Lord. There are two things especially I have learned from you. One is to fix my eyes on Jesus, and not on other Christians. I used to have a goal of being like people that I felt were godly examples and now I know that I need to fix my goal on being like Jesus. The second thing you have taught me is to deny self. Although I am not saying that I practice self-denial, I just know that I never really considered the idea in depth until I spent time with you. Thank you for sharing your heart. You have been a great encouragement to me."