Speaking Topics

If you have any questions or you would like to ask Elaine to speak at your event, please email her at SplashesofSerenity@yahoo.com or call her at 315-335-5580.

Elaine is happy to prepare a retreat based on your chosen theme.


Elaine shares her heart for the lost and the church in this one to four session retreat teaching the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the Holy Spirit. The audience is given opportunity to receive the Holy Spirit (salvation) and to be filled with the Holy Spirit (living the life God intended for each believer). Note: Others hearing these messages have said, "Speaker was amazing. Subject matter was so applicable. Easily understood message."

THE SWEET LIFE CAFÉWake up! Wake up! (Isaiah 52:1) to a coffee-themed retreat comprised of four sessions:

The Sweet Resurrected Life
The Sweet Peaceful Life
The Sweet Connected Life
The Sweet Surrendered Life

GOOD TO GO—GLAD I WENT  A four-session retreat encouraging us to get rid of the things that entangle, and run the race God planned for us. Session titles are:

Surrounded by Witnesses
Throwing Off What Hinders
The Sin That Entangles
The Race Marked Out for Us

THIRST QUENCHERS — A four-session retreat with the following titles:

Splashes of Serenity —Three ways to keep our lives filled with living water
Cleanse My Heart—Keeping our hearts clean and filled with living water
Sink or Swim—Three things that dehydrate our souls and ten things that quench our thirst
When the Well Runs Dry—How to prepare for and survive the crises in life

MOVING IN STILLNESS A four-session retreat based on Deuteronomy 4:28-29. A deeper-life retreat where we search for the idols that keep us from having the fullness of Christ residing in our hearts.

SIMPLY FRAGRANT — WILL YOU BE THE ONE? — A three-session retreat based on 2 Corinthians 2:14-15. Session titles are:

Love God
Love Others
Share Your Story

GOOD NEWS OF THE GREAT COMFORTER — A three or four session quilt-themed retreat.

SCRAPBOOKING WITH THE SAVIOR—A three-session scrapbooking retreat with the following titles:

A Mother's Memory Book
A Marriage Memory Book
The Savior's Scrapbook

CARING FOR THE CAREGIVER—Elaine prepared a one hour presentation at the invitation of the Alzheimer's Association she titled: Sink or Swim: 3 Things You Will Never Change About Your Life and 10 Things You Can

Elaine enjoys providing small-group discussion questions and back-in-your-room devotions if the event planner
desires. All sessions are 30 to 45 minutes in length and Elaine will shorten or lengthen them to fit your time allowance.


The Suite Life–Going From the Basement of Despair to the Penthouse of Peace.

A Life That's Better Than Chocolate


The Best Christmas Gift Ever

God With Us

A Christmas That's Better Than Chocolate


We All Married Idiots: Three Things You'll Never Change About Your Marriage and Ten Things You Can

Keeping Your Marriage Fit

Five Principles to Put Passion in Your Marriage

In the Beginning ... God Created Sex

Marriage Boost

A Marriage That's Better Than Chocolate

The Ooh-La-La of Spiritual Intimacy 


Growing a Healthy Marriage — An all-day or weekend marriage retreat with Dan and Elaine sharing a dose of teaching and a prescription for romance in two to four sessions.

Marital Blessings and the Beatitudes — Dan and Elaine team teach this six session retreat from Matthew 5:3-10.

MOTHERS OF PRESCHOOLERS and MOTHER/DAUGHTER BANQUETS: (Any of the above topics on marriage are appropriate for MOPS, but not for young girls.)

Fresh Air: Breathe Deeply, Live Fully

ABC's of Parenting

Rest for Moms of Wide-Awake Children

Building a Legacy of Faith

Circle of Friends

Bread of Life

Shine Like Stars

Adventures in Mothering

Love Is ....

Freely Receive—Freely Give

Set Sail

Life Together on Planet Mom—How Motherhood Changes Us

Celebration of Generations


The Pastor and Wife in Team Ministry (Elaine and Dan teaching together)

The Heart of a Wife

Keeping Your Ministry Fit

Finding Serenity in the Ministry

A Beautiful Heart

A Spiritual Makeover of Your Heart

Three Things You'll Never Change About Your Church and Ten Things You Can 


Splashes of Serenity

Beauty From Ashes (2 sessions)

A Spiritual Makeover

A Kick in the Pants

Running the Race for the Prize

Sink or Swim: 3 Things You Will Never Change About Your Life and 10 Things You Can

A Life Better Than Chocolate

God's Beauty Secrets

The Suite Life

(Many of Elaine's topics can be used for a one-day event.)


Secrets to Staying Spry

Growing Up Without Growing Old

Grandma's Shoebox

God's Beauty Secrets

An Author's Journey

Keeping Your Marriage Golden in Your Golden Years

Sink or Swim: 3 Things You Will Never Change About Your Life and 10 Things You Can


A Writer Speaks

Marketing Your Ministry 

Your Most Essential Writing Tool — A Pure Heart

Touching Hearts With Words — Writing from A to Z (2 sessions)


Bosnia:  Yesterday, Today, and Forever


Blessing Our Students

Teaching to Change the Population of Heaven